A major reason Montverde Academy finished the season as the No. 1 team in the country, Hill scored 12 points with seven assists and three steals in the Jordan Brand All-American Game. A pure point guard, Hill will join longtime AAU teammate Chris Walker at the University of Florida next season.

Favorite Air Jordan: “The IV’s (he was wearing Military Blues) or XV.”

How’d it feel to play in this game with Jordan up in the skybox?

It felt great. He’s the best player ever, and having him watch you, it just feels great. It’s an honor.

Have you been able to go back and follow his career?

Oh yeah, of course. I’ve watched all the Jordan videos. I obviously couldn’t follow his career at the time since he was so much older, but I’ve watched all the videos.

What strikes you the most about him and sets him apart?

I mean, he really loved the game. Every time he talked about it, he described how much he loved playing and how much he put into it.

How’d the XX8 feel for you?

Oh, they felt great. They were really comfortable, and nice to play in.

You said you’re a little young to really watch Jordan live, but you’ve seen some other players wearing the brand, like Carmelo Anthony, who was here tonight. What would that mean to you to be a part of his team down the road potentially?

Of course I’d want to be a part of his team. (Laughs.) That’s a huge honor. People like that are extremely blessed to be a part of that, so I’d definitely want to be a part of that someday if I can.