If you caught the Nationals-Marlins MLB Opening Day game, then you probably saw Washington slugger Bryce Harper hit two big home runs in a pair of the Under Armour Spine Highlight ST cleats.

They’re the same cleats he won NL Rookie of the Year honors in last season. And given his hot start to kick off this season, you have to think Harper is the real deal, as are his signature UA spikes.

Harper has gotten used to rounding the bases in the Spine Highlight ST cleats, and it’s pretty obvious why. The cleat combines the high-top CompFit construction seen in the Cam Newton Highlight Trainer, with the brand’s popular Spine outsole technology to create a high performance baseball shoe that’s supportive and comfortable. A Micro G midsole gives the Spine Highlight plush cushioning, while a 6-3 UA Fang spike configuration allows players to be aggressive—whether its running the bases or digging in at the plate to bring in the winning run.


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