To get your hands on limited (and sometimes even general release) sneakers can be quite a challenge these days. The number of sneakerheads and aspiring sneakerheads continues to grow on what seems to be a daily basis. Although you can look at it as a bad thing, there is also a tremendous upside. More people have an opportunity to get involved in sneakers. Yes, you can get a job in sneakers. But for most, getting your hands on a pair of kicks is still the priority. With Twitter, you can find info well before release dates and restocks if you're following the right people and you'd be surprised who the right people to follow actually are. From consumers to blogs to industry insiders, the people in the list that follows, if worked in conjunction, should prove beneficial whether you're a sneaker veteran or a rookie in the game. Whether it's early info, allocation info or restock info you're after, following these folks will ensure you're on a couch copping. Check out 25 Must-Follow People on Twitter For Sneaker Release Info.