Diadora has announced their line-up of soccer cleats to will be released for Fall 2013. We haven’t seen a great deal of action from Diadora in recent times, especially on the US market, but this latest set of releases definitely sets a new tone for the Italian company. Not only have they finalized a super lightweight release, they have also produced a head turning new design that is sure to grab plenty of attention. Here are the boots that you need to watch out for and a breakdown of what to expect.

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This is going to be the high-tier release, with retail somewhere around the $150 mark. What makes this boot so interesting is its lightweight make-up. Diadora has dropped the boot down to 6.4oz, which leaves them as one of the lightest boots currently on the market. A lot of development has gone into this one and Diadora seem to have taken on the challenge very seriously. A new material is used in the upper, called SuprellPro3L. It is extremely thin but intended to provide a glove like fit no matter what your foot shape, thanks in part to an integrated liner. If you look inside the boot, you will notice that Diadora has included an inner support cage, kind of like the SprintFrame found in the adiZero range. It is referred to as the Morpho Cage S on this release, and as you would expect it serves the same support and weight distribution purpose.

It also looks like there has been an altered visual strategy, with much wilder color combinations set for launch. We have become familiar with Diadora sticking to pretty conservative designs, so these buck that trend. It could be a case of playing catch-up and as the market goes, it is probably a wise decision.

The final thing you need to note about these is that Diadora are again sticking with their advanced NET Breathing System in the soleplate. Its purpose is to keep your feet dry and cool by allowing maximum breathability through a waterproof soleplate and it has received plenty of positive reaction from players on previous releases.

Diadora Cambio MD copy

Diadora Cambio MD PU

This is the boot that is bound to gain most attention – yet they sit as the most economical version to hit the market. At $75, a lot of players will have access to what will be the first transparent soccer cleat to hit the market. Yes, these boots actually have a see through look that is sure to have heads turning. What increases the effect is you get 2 interchangeable inserts that will allow you to define your look. Each insert offers a sock-like fit and you simply slip a foot into each boot. It seems like a pretty advanced system that could provide an all new type of fit for players, yet this does leave room for problems. Time and testing will tell!

On top of that, the molded outliner has some ridges or control patterns along the forefront of the boot, with the intent of aiding first touch and control. The soleplate consists of a skeletal 14-cleat TPU configuration.


Diadora Evoluzione 2 K Pro

The final boot that will be released is simply an updated version of the very popular Evoluzione (pictured above). To really update the look, we are going to see a new set of vibrant colorways hit the range this Fall. In order to improve the performance of the range, Diadora has trimmed down the weight by using a thinner K-leather. Additionally, they employ the NET Breathing System on the range for the first time, which means that there is real reason to believe this boot will perform better than the original release.

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