Tomorrow, the Los Angeles Speed Project (LASP) will begin its 340-mile trek from Santa Monica to the Las Vegas strip. The unprecedented event will last 45-50 hours straight, and will test six elite runners from the Los Angeles area.

The LASP team aren't professionals; they're everyday people with normal jobs who happen to be outstanding runners. The team consists of Blue Benadun from Malibu, Cynthia Zarate from Carson, Crispin Lazarit from South Central, Chauntal Lewis from Oxnard, Shawn Waco from Los Angeles, and Nills Arend from Los Angeles. Featured in the gallery above are images of the group and the routes they will each be taking to Vegas.

As they begin on the Santa Monica pier and finish in Sin City, an RV and a sprinter van camera crew will be following the crew as they reach elevations of up to 5,550 feet. The footage will be used to create an inspiring documentary which will be released next month. The LASP team hopes that the documentary will inspire another six runners around the world to take up a similar challenge of their own.

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