adidas’ Unite All Originals campaign has a simple recipe: creativity meets collaboration. After incredibly unique incarnations in New York and L.A., the Originals series will next head to Atlanta, where it will bring together some of the most innovative visual artists working today.

San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Jeremy Fish and Austin's Michael Sieben will be teaming up with the boys from Morning Breath to create a three-dimensional three-piece installation in the "exquisite corpse" style. Each artist will be responsible for one section of the project; their work will consist of painting different representations of a particular portion of the "body." When installed together, the works will collide to form three distinct surrealistic expressions of one exquisite body.

The artists will start out working in tented enclosures, concealing their work from the outside world—and from each other. As the event draws closer, the enclosures will be removed, and spectators will be able to watch as the final stages of each piece's evolution unfolds.

On Friday, March 29th, the art then collides with music. Special guest Danny Brown will give a live performance representing the final piece of this collaborative puzzle. The event will be held at 1321 Glenwood Ave., SE, in Atlanta, GA. The evening gets underway at 5 PM, with Danny’s performance going off at 8.

For more on adidas Unite All Originals, and to get access to the event, follow @adidasOriginals on Twitter and keep up with the hashtag #unitealloriginals.