The final stretch of the NBA regular season is underway and right now the Indiana Pacers are holding down the two-spot, hoping to get another shot at Miami in the playoffs. The main reason for their strong play has been the league-leading defense anchored by a 6'8" swingman (he has actually grown to 6'10" since entering the league) who can lock-up just about any player one-one-one and drop 18 a game on the other end, making for one of the toughest match-ups in the league. Reggie Miller will always be a legend in Indianapolis but our man PG already broke Reggie's single-game record for three-balls in a game in just his third season.

For anyone who second-guessed Indy's first round draft choice from 2010 might have saw him among the elite in the 2013 All-Star Game. For those keeping track at home, no other class of 2010 player made either roster. Besides being one of the team's leaders off and on the court, Paul George has earned a rep for having a serious sneaker collection. On any given night he might connect with hypebeasts in every city by playing in retro Jordans and player exclusives. We decided to sit down with PG24 and get his take on some of the hottest shoes in his rotation. Hit the jump to check out Paul George's Top 10 Sneakers of All-Time – and you can ditch the Nap City alias, the city is doing just fine.