While recently Down Under, the legendary Futura got up with the guys at Sneaker Freaker for a nice sit-down. Of course an icon when it comes to graffiti and artistry in general, talk appropriately surrounded some of his work, notably a good deal about sneakers and his coinciding opinion on the sneaker game. To find out just what was said, all you have to do is visit the SF site here. Enjoy.

"And now I’ve been wearing Converse for years, so I’d love to do a real Converse colab. I did a spray on some Converse for Hennessy and got criticised for that. Yeah, I randomly splattered paint on them, but this was a gift. They were originally done and, whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not, you can say I did them. That whole shit bothered me. Motherfuckers got a dope box, they got the bottle and the sneakers for free! Of the 420,000 bottles that were made, that package was for the first 200 (numbered bottles). "