Surely everyone’s heard about the adidas CrazyQuick basketball sneaker by now.

As established by NBA superstar John Wall, the ultra-light CrazyQuick features breakthrough innovation designed to make players lighter, faster, quicker, and as a result, better, on the hardwood. And with such a game-changing technology in its grasp, you better believe adidas is going to spread it like wildfire across all other footwear categories as well (take for example RGIII’s CracyQuick Mid cleats).

With the CrazyQuick basketball and football models set to hit consumers in May, the releases will be followed up by CrazyQuick training and running sneakers also. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t adidas just release a new running technology?”

They did, and it’s called the Boost. But there is a difference between the two. Boost is a midsole cushioning system that provides an impressive amount of energy return to runners. The CrazyQuick, on the other hand, is all about the outsole design. It consists of four unique quick zones that work independently as pods to provide quicker multi-directional movements.

In the case of the minimally designed CrazyQuick running sneaker, the outsole provides flexibility, a quicker push-off, and enhanced stability. The shoe is cloaked with a TechFit that offers a glove-like fit, and a natural feel without sacrificing support.

Look for the CrazyQuick runner to dope later this Summer. The suggested retail price should be around the $110 mark.

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