Dick's Sporting Goods has recently launched the #RunFor campaign, where runners across the country are encouraged to share their stories and explain what motivates them to run. The program will last for thirteen weeks, and runners are invited to add their voice at Dick's Facebook page.

The first runner selected is Steve Bell, a 29 year old man who was born with cystic fibrosis. The condition requires him to take handfuls of pills each day and use machines to clear the mucus from his lungs. Overall, the treatment takes him about an hour and a half each day, and he has to take anywhere from 50-70 pills. But that doesn't slow him down. At all. The inspiring young man runs because "he can", as cystic fibrosis is known to be a condition which becomes chronically worse as time progresses. It provides a sense of accomplishment, helping Steve feel that he has "beaten" the disease.

For more on Steve Bell's inspirational story, check out the video above. You can pick up the Brooks gear he wears from Dick's as well.

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