Year: 2010

A knitted sneaker? This was pre-Flynit, kids. This one took a long time to develop, and the Converse crew did a great job. The design is based on two icons: Chuck Taylor's All-Star basketball sneakers and Erika Aittamaa's Lovikka mittens. Everybody in Sweden knows about the Lovikka mitten, a knitted mitten with a tassel. The white version was supposed to be released just in time for Christmas 2009, but we ran into some trouble. We ended up releasing the white version on December 3rd 2010, it was snowing outside. People that had never ever bought a pair of sneakers in their life lined up for these. 220 pairs sold out instantly. One pair ended up at the Lovikka Museum in the village of Lovikka. The day after the release, they were national news. The biggest TV station in Sweden, TV4, featured them on their morning show. We had the phone ringing for weeks with people asking for those Lovikka sneakers. That made us think: hmm maybe we should do another colorway? We released the grey ones in 2012. The Lovikka mitten was manufactured in several different classic colorways, so let's hope for a third colorway of the Sneakersnstuff Lovikka Chucks. Total production: White: 300 pairs. Grey: I have no idea.

Sneakersnstuff x Converse from Sneakersnstuff on Vimeo.