The adiZero Takumi-Sen sneakers from adidas are somewhat of a legend in Japan—a legend that very few of us here in the states have had the liberty of witnessing. But all that is in the past, now that the ultra-light racing sneakers have finally been introduced to the American market.

Weighing in at just 6.4 ounces, you better believe that these shoes are designed for serious runners. So if you happen to fall between the 4-6:30 minute-per-mile mark, you may have just found your new favorite race-day sneaker. A lot of the performance technology in the Takumi-Sen is similar to what we see in adidas running shoes here in the U.S., including Adiprene+ in the forefoot for enhanced gait efficiency, and a Sprintframe midsole for stability. What's unique about this premier Japanese shoe is its lightweight and flexible upper made from a blend of Tirennina suede and Teijin mesh. Aside from drastically reducing weight of the sneaker, the upper is extremely comfortable, and has a snug fit that pretty much any runner can appreciate. The outsole of the Takumi-Sen is made from the high-grade Continental rubber found on car tires, so you know traction isn't an issue for this lean mean running machine.

You should also take notice that the Takumi-Sen is a unisex sneaker that comes in standard men's sizes. So if any ladies wan't to try out a pair, it's suggested that you go with a full size down.


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