Significant Sneakers: Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII, Reebok Question, Nike Zoom Flight 96, Nike Air Max Pippen, Nike Air Penny II, Nike Air Way Up, Nike Foamposite One, Nike Air Alonzo, adidas EQT Elevation,

If the draft class of '96 wasn't so good, maybe the sneakers wouldn't have been either. But you had Allen Iverson snatched up by Reebok, high schoolers Kobe Bryant and Jermaine O'Neal in adidas, and And1 establishing their entire sneaker line around Coney Island's finest, Stephon Marbury. Not that the vets were having any trouble, either. Michael Jordan transitioned from the Air Jordan XI to the XII, running mate Scottie Pippen got his first signature from the Swoosh (although his personal models featured Zoom instead of the released full-length Max), and Shaquille O'Neal enjoyed his first season as a Laker and his last in Reebok. Iverson crossing up Jordan while wearing his all-new, blue-tipped kicks became the signature moment of the season - at least until June.