Significant Sneakers: Air Jordan VII, Air Jordan VIII, Reebok Shaq Attaq, Nike Air Force Max, Ewing Focus, Nike Air Ballistic Force

After the brazen excess of the previous few seasons, the '91-92 and '92-93 seasons scaled things back a bit. Yes, there were still Pumps and other gargantuan shoes, but even Shaquille O'Neal's first signature shoe was somewhat stripped down compared to the combat-boot like original Pump, using carbon fiber to lighten things up even more. And Michael Jordan started the season in what he wore for his second NBA title and second Olympic gold medal - the Huarache-inspired Air Jordan VII. Of course he'd switch to the heavier and bulkier Air Jordan VIII at the break, and his feet would pay the price. Unfortunately, it seemed, the slimmed-down look still wasn't entirely accepted. This was good news for Charles Barkley, whose Air Force Max would have been equally at home on the gridiron.