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Whether it is Futsal or simply the regular version, playing indoor soccer is as widely played in the US as regular soccer. If weather is an issue, all you need is an indoor venue and the right pair of shoes to enjoy a lung expanding workout. But what sort of shoes should you be actually wearing to play the fast paced game? We take a look at the best shoes currently available on the market, but break down why you should be wearing each of The 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes. 

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No. 10 - Diadora Maracana

Weight: 10.4oz
Price: $98

This is a shoe that could easily sit higher on the market if it wasn’t for Diadora’s lack of exposure for the indoor shoe on the market. There is no doubting that the Diadora Maracana is the Rolls Royce of the indoor shoe world. You are not getting a boot from one of the major players in the market, but you are getting a highly developed shoe that delivers in every aspect. They are another full bodied and energetic shoe that rivals the likes of the Adidas Mundial Goal in terms of overall quality.

No. 9 - Joma Dribbling

Weight: 10oz
Price: $50

Out of all the shoes on this list, this is the pair that I am sure not many of you have actually heard of. The Joma Dribbling is a very sleek and modern shoe that provides exceptional touch and comfort in play, without being over loaded with technology and materials to slow you down. The shape across the forefoot and feel the downward angle toward the toe adds an extremely useful surface for playing passes across court with the outside of your foot.

No. 8 - Kelme Michelin Star360

Weight: 10.4 oz
Price: $90

Kelme are a company that has definitely placed more focus in their indoor and futsal shoes than outdoor. And this is a boot that features the unique status of having Michelin technology in the sole, providing a level of “Total Control”, according to Spanish company. Players who want something slightly different but still expect quality will find this boot provides exactly what you are looking for. And at 10.4oz, they have enough bulk to keep you protected without taking away from your touch on the ball.

No. 7 - Pele Radium

Weight: 10.8oz
Price: $99

The Radium is an indoor shoe that has been named after the futsal team Pele played with in Brazil, so it comes with plenty of expectations. They are an extremely well padded shoe and the lining is super soft. When you mix this with an extremely flexible rubber sole, you get a shoe that starts out like a well-oiled machine and are simply a consistent shoe when you play in them. The Radium is a solid release from Pele Sports, and it signals their intent to produce indoor shoes that make a difference on the market.

No. 6 - adidas Mundial Goal

Weight: 12oz
Price: $95

Probably the most iconic boot on the list, the Mundial Goal is a classic shoe with a lot of tradition. In fact, these are actually known as the Copa Mundial of the indoor world. They feature smooth ULT-K leather upper for a glove-like fit and a split-suede abrasion patch for durability and support. Yes, these are definitely built to be durable and you just need to look at the 12oz weight to confirm that. A must for players who want to simply enjoy the game, no matter what the pace!

No. 5 - Nike5 Elastico Finale

Weight: 9.2oz
Price: $120

The older brother and more advanced release in the Finale series. These fall lower on the list to the newer release as they don’t fulfill the all-around needs of an indoor player. They are designed for the fastest indoor games, with a set of hollowed out panels adding a slightly sticky feel, and raised fins on the sole providing optimal traction. But they are a not-so-good option if you are looking for a long term durable shoe or something with durability.

No. 4 - adidas FreeFootball SpeedTrick

Weight: 8.8oz
Price: $77

The name of these shoes explains exactly what they are all about – Speed and Tricks! Sitting as the lightest shoe on the list, these are ideal for players who like to get some extra training in rather than those players that want to get stuck into fast paced games. The upper on these is thin and the sole is extremely flexible, so they don’t fit the mold of an indoor “game” shoe. But, the ability to perform at fast pace with these is a huge plus and they probably will suit and define certain players out there…just be wary of protection!

No. 3 - Munich Gresca

Weight: 11.6oz
Price: $120

One of the most popular indoor shoes in Europe, Munich have a reputation for releasing full bodied shoes designed specifically for players who take their game seriously. Gresca is Munich’s best-known indoor soccer model with plenty of professional Futsal players choosing them as their top choice. The boot features a vulcanized rubber sole and a toe cap that is a valuable addition for those quick toe-poke shots – a feature lacking on most of the big brands’ indoor shoes.

No. 2 - Nike5 Elastico Pro

Weight: 9oz
Price: $83

This is a boot designed for quick games, where you need a little extra padding on the forefoot. Nike currently has 3 boots released in the Elastico range, with this one being the middle priced release. What it has to offer is natural leather upper with layered forefoot stitching, along with side mesh panels for added breathability. When you add in the 9oz weight, they come in as the best all-around shoe available for players to use.

No. 1 - Nike5 Gato

Weight: 10oz
Price: $77

The best thing about the NIike5 Gato is that it doubles as an indoor and outdoor shoe, ideal for players who need a shoe at all times to play in! And what exactly is it that gives this shoe top spot? It is the fact that they are simple and sometimes simple just works. Having tested them and received feedback from a lot of players who have worn them, performance and comfort is the key behind this boot. Nike use a natural leather upper with a medial side panel that aids durability and ball friction. You also get an extremely effective honeycomb paneled sole, providing excellent traction.

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