In today's society, things are more debatable than ever. Arguments happen between friends, co-workers, competitors — face-to-face or on the Internet, it's a tiring aspect of life. That's why when there are rare statements that can be made which aren't debatable, it's a bit…refreshing. Here are two statements that aren't debatable: Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, and Michael Jeffrey Jordan's sneaker line is the best collective sneaker range of all time. 

We're 28 models deep in the Air Jordan line now, and you're not going to find anything here that hasn't been said already. Yes, they make you feel cooler when you put a pair on. Yes, retros make you feel nostalgic. Yes, they are a symbol of prosperity. Yes, they're technically ahead of everything else, and yes if you are wearing them, you stand out from everyone else both on and off the court.  They have transcended the way people look at sneakers, and have convinced people that there's more to them than just rubber and leather. With MJ anchoring the line, Jordans have become something like a universal language when it comes to what people wear on their feet. Your father  probably has a pair, your sister has a pair, you have 10 (or 100) pairs, and your children's children will probably have pairs. As the world gets ready to celebrate Michael Jordan's 50th birthday, we asked 50 famed sneakerheads/celebrities/footwear designers — and even Michael's middle son, Marcus — what their favorite Jordan is, and why it's so special to them. Happy birthday, MJ. Now let's all celebrate it together. 

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