Yesterday, Sneaker Report previewed the upcoming adidas Energy BOOST model. Built around an all-new midsole compound, BOOST is sure to create a fair amount of buzz when it releases later this month. But hang tight, because that's not the only trick that the brand with Three Stripes has up their sleeves this year.

Also revealed at yesterday's unveiling of the Energy BOOST was a unique outsole setup that is slated to debut in August 2013. Known as the SpringBlade, there aren't many details about this gill-like node pattern, however an adidas spokesman told tech site Pocket Lint that it's based on how a gazelle runs. With that in mind, one can assume that the outsole will be applied to a running model. Regardless of its specific use, it will certainly be interesting to see how this aggressive look performs.

Be sure to stick with Sneaker Report for the latest on the adidas SpringBlade.

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