You probably haven’t seen a whole lot of rugby coverage here on Sneaker Report, and that’s because there hasn’t been any—that is, until now.

So what’s the grand occasion? Well for one, adidas has just rolled out a “ground-breaking” rugby boot that we felt like we just had to share with you.

Somewhat of a blend between the adiZero f50 soccer boot, and the adiZero 5-Star football cleat, the FF80 rugby boot is designed to help rugby players gain proper traction during scrums, rucks and mauls. If you’re already falling behind, disregard the rugby lingo and stay with us.

In more simple terms, the FF80’s unique 5x2 stud configuration is designed to help forwards get to the ball quicker and stay grounded on their feet. The unveiling of the FF80 is the latest push in adidas’ hopes of adapting to the increasing speed and physicality of the sport.

adidas’ Global Vice President for Rugby, Simon Cartwright explains: “The modern game of rugby has brought a new level of physicality, power and agility. Through our on-going communication with world-class rugby players and coaches it became clear that amongst loose forwards there was a perceived lack of grip and stability whilst scrummaging and within rucks. We set out to find out why this was the case.”

The FF80 is available for pre-order now for around $250.

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