A couple of weeks ago we gave you an initial look at Under Armour's first-ever performance tracking device, the Armour39. Earlier today in New York City, UA held a press conference for their latest creation, giving us tech junkies a more detailed breakdown of what the Armour39 actually is.

The Armour39 system consists of a wrist watch, a hear rate strap, and a mobile app, all of which are designed to work together to give you optimal training feedback. The main component of the system, the Armour39 watch performs all the basic functions of a performance watch, including workout duration, counting calories burned, and measuring the overall intensity of the physical workout. Paired with the Armour39 module and strap, users can keep track of their heart rate in real time. All of the performance data is then accessible via the accompanying iPhone app.

The Armour39 performance tracking system is slated to hit retail shelves on March 20, 2013. The watch is priced at $200, with the strap at an additional $150. The mobile app can be downloaded free on iTunes.

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