The end. Or what was supposed to be the end. Michael Jordan's run with the Chicago Bulls began as what was one of the worst teams in the NBA. It ended, as everyone expected, with the Bulls winning the NBA Title. Sure, MJ may have gotten away with a little push, but we all knew that destiny had already been planned. Even Michael knew, how else can you explain that extra 3 seconds of "follow though" on his dagger-like jumper that all but ended the hopes for the fans of the Utah Jazz? Michael's now famous "last shot" has been immortalized in the memories of basketball fans and even more so in the hearts of sneakerheads. For the final run against the Utah Jazz, Michael laced up the Ferrari-inspired Air Jordan XIV for the first and only (well, almost) time. As is the case with any Air Jordan model, Michael made us all remember that it was what he did in them that made them special. Take a stroll down memory lane and check out The Last Run: 20 Photos of Michael Jordan in the Air Jordan XIV.

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