When it comes to boot sales, companies know that having top players on your boots defines how your boots appear to fans. Some companies go for quantity, while others simply look to attract the best players available. All players play a role in a team, but it is the headline writers that we check in on regularly to see what they have on their feet. We give you a double take here, by introducing you to the best 25 players currently playing the game, while also giving you an insight into the boots they wear and why that particular boot suits that player. This is What the 25 Best Soccer Players Wear and Why.

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No. 25 - Toni Kroos x Adidas adiPure 11Pro

Kroos is regarded to be one of the most technically gifted young players currently in Europe and he is one of the more high profile outfield players currently wearing the Adidas adiPure 11Pro range. Always seen to be a midfielder’s boot, the current adiPure is lighter and more durable than any of the previous releases in the range.

No. 24 - Marouane Felliani x Warrior Skreamer

Everton dangerman, Fellaini, has quickly become one of the best players in England with his dangerous play. With the recent release of the Warrior range came the announcement that Fellaini would front their advertising campaign and it has worked out well thus far. The boot he wears looks like the Skreamer S-Lite, but it is actually an altered version featuring the K-Lite upper.

No. 23 - Cesc Fabregas x Puma PowerCat 1.12

Fabregas transition from Nike to Puma was seen as a dramatic move a few years back, and ever since he has been wearing the PowerCat 1.12. It actually coincided with his move from Arsenal to Barcelona, which only helped to increase the hype behind their release. The boot is designed with a little extra power and they suit Fabregas fast paced attacking style, with the ability to spray balls around the field.

No. 22 - Andrea Pirlo x Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Amazingly, AC Milan allowed Pirlo to leave on a free contract last season and it proved pivotal for Juventus, as Pirlo helped guide them through an unbeaten season. All that time, the ageless Pirlo has been wearing a boot filled with tradition and a classic look – the Nike Tiempo Legend IV. It just seems like the perfect match and if I was a player in the mold of “l'architetto” or “the architect”, I’d be taking note!

No. 21 - Bastian Schweinsteiger x Adidas F50 adiZero

Although he has been a consistent player in both the German and Bayern Munich midfield, Sweinsteiger boot choice has fluctuated over the past few seasons. Spotted wearing the Predator and adiPure ranges, he is now sporting a leather pair of Adidas F50 adiZero. It is a slightly unique option to say the least for a player who likes to run the middle of the park and get stuck in on tackles, but maybe he is working on changing certain dynamics in his game?

No. 20 - Joe Hart x Umbro Geometra Pro II

Umbro are a company in peril at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped Joe Hart from wearing the English brand on his hands and his feet. There was tremendous hype behind the release of the Umbro Geometra Pro and it seemed like the company was turning a fresh and positive corner. Their performance also backed up that statement and it will be a shame if we don’t continue to see Umbro release boots like these!

No. 19 - Eden Hazard x Nike GS Concept II

In an unusual move, Hazard has stuck it out with the limited edition GS II boots rather than switching to the new Vapor range. He is sure to make a shift at some point, but for now it seems like the he is sticking with the lightweight, environmentally friendly Green Speed. Seeing as the GS was heavily hyped and extremely well received by players, I would say they have a lot in common with the attacking Hazard, who has been a sensation since his move to Chelsea this past summer.

No. 18 - Marco Reus x Puma PowerCat 1.12

Whether he is playing on the wing or up top, Reus is renowned for his versatility, speed and technique. That is what makes his choice in boot slightly surprising. Normally wingers look for lightweight and anything with good acceleration, but the Puma PowerCat 1.12 has been his choice for a while and they seem to be working extremely effectively. When it comes to crosses and shots, the PowerCat is an ideal option.

No. 17 - Luis Suarez x Adidas F50 adiZero

Controversy seems to be awaiting Suarez around every corner, but that doesn’t take away from the skill and finishing abilities of the Liverpool man. When he is on form, there are not many players more entertaining and his weapon of choice has been the Adidas F50 adiZero. Even though they have different styles, Suarez and Messi are the type of players who are perfectly matched with Adidas speed boot.

No. 16 - Thiago Silva x Nike CTR360 Maestri III

Thiago Silva’s move to PSG this past summer was seen to be a surprise move, with the Center Back giving less than convincing reasons for his move. But one thing that has been steady is his choice of footwear and the Nike CTR360 Maestri III has matched his consistency on the field. Built for players who like to get on the ball and create, Thiago Silva’s play from the back often makes him look like a reverted playmaker….although he is Brazilian so that could explain a lot!

No. 15 - Edinson Cavani x Adidas F50 adiZero

Goals seem to follow Cavani and he is no stranger to showing his passion and extreme work ethic on the field. On his feet, the Uruguay striker seems to have found the perfect scoring weapon in the form of the F50 adiZero, a boot he has consistently worn over the past few seasons. The ability to score goals while seemingly running for 90 minutes non-stop provide a unique set of positive traits for the F50 adiZero.

No. 14 - Gareth Bale x Adidas F50 adiZero

With the likes of Real Madrid fighting for his signature, Bale has the world at his feet right now. Or should that be a pair of Adidas F50 adiZero on his feet right now? Well, the latter is definitely correct and they seem to match the fast paced Spurs winger. Bale is all about beating guys one-on-one and is the type of player who doesn’t need fancy tricks to get it done.

No. 13 - Manuel Neuer x Adidas adiPure 11Pro

Many regard Neuer to be the best keeper in the world right now. The Bayern shot stoppers wears Adidas gloves on his hands and the trusty adiPure 11Pro on his feet. When it comes to simple consistency, the adiPure fits the bill perfectly. As a keeper, Neuer relies on balance, quick feet and the ability to feel comfortable when striking long balls – performance wise, the adiPure is a boot that checks the boxes and fits the bill.

No. 12 - Radamel Falcao x Puma evoSPEED 1

Goal scoring seems to come naturally for Falcao and I am sure that was a serious factor when Puma decided to pursue and sign the Columbian to contract in September of 2011. At that time it was a tremendous coup, but now that he is banging in even more goals while wearing the evoSPEED 1, it seems like an extreme value for money signing.

No. 11 - Nemanja Vidic x Puma King 2013

Although injury has kept Vidic sidelined in the recent past, he is still seen to be one of the leading defenders in the world. During his current comeback, Vidic has been wearing the new Puma King 2013, which is a change from the PowerCat 1.12 he has worn in recent times. Technically, this could be a wise more for Vidic who might find the new King provides a more effective level of traction.

No. 10 - Neymar x Nike Vapor IX

Brazilian superstar Neymar has been sporting different Nike silo’s over the past few years. During the summer, he was the key figure as Nike released the limited edition GS, but he has currently slipped into the new Vapor IX range. If there is anything the Santos man likes to do it is showcase his skills on the ball and the Vapor, with vivid colors and a light upper, seems to be the ideal boot for that.

No. 9 - Yaya Toure x Puma King 2013

With a tall, strong physique and the ability to score goals, Yaya Toure is seen to be one of the most complete midfielders currently in the game. His boot of choice lies with Puma and it says a lot for the new King 2013 edition when Toure has excelled while wearing them. The one controversy with the new range is that Puma has transitioned from a K-leather upper, something a lot of players see as sacrilegious.

No. 8 - Sergio Aguero x Puma evoSPEED 1

Seen as the boot that replaced the V series, the Puma evoSPEED has been the boot of choice for Aguero this season. Players have been welcoming the design changes that Puma placed on the range and it is pretty easy to see why if you have had a chance to wear both ranges. Seen as a speed boot, the evoSPEED comes with an excellent soleplate that provides great traction.

No. 7 - Wayne Rooney x Nike T90 Laser IV

Seen to be the primary advertising figure when they were released, Rooney has worn the T90 Laser IV in style for the past 16 months and counting. The Man Utd striker has been employed as more of a deep lying forward in recent times and everything about the Laser seems to work with his playing style, a boot designed with power and pace in mind.

No. 6 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic x Nike Vapor IX

When you see Ibrahimovic in Vapor boots it can seem slightly out of place, primarily because he is a tall striker who uses his strength and aerial ability in play. Normally this type of player wears more of a power boot. But the PSG striker is extremely different and his silky footwork and speed often leaves opposing players looking like fools. So, why wouldn’t the new Vapor be the ideal choice for him?

No. 5 - Xavi x Adidas Predator LZ

If you like watching soccer played at pace and with precision, Xavi is the player for you. His name is continually brought up in the conversation of best players in the world and unlike Van Persie, Xavi has decided to switch to the Predator LZ. This new version actually suits Xavi’s style better, with the emphasis of this boot placed on hybrid-control. If you get the opportunity to watch Xavi play live, don’t be surprised if you see him use all 5 lethal zones in quick succession.

No. 4 - Robin Van Persie x adidas adiPower Predator

The most interesting boot choice on the list lies with Robin Van Persie. The prolific striker has decided to stick it out with the Adidas adiPower range instead of switching to the newer Predator LZ. The adiPower is designed with power in mind, while the Predator LZ is a hybrid-control boot. There are many theories behind his selection, but with his current form at Man Utd and the fact that the adiPower is seen as one of the best performing Predator’s to date, who would blame him.

No. 3 - Andres Iniesta x Nike CTR360 Maestri III

We know the Nike CTR360 Maestri III as being the “playmakers” boot and that makes them the ideal choice for this year’s UEFA Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or runner-up. Iniesta is the type of player who likes to get on the ball and make things happen. The CTR360 is designed with a control region and an ultra-comfortable forefoot that makes first touch and control a breeze.

No. 2 - Cristiano Ronaldo x Nike Vapor IX

If there was a boot to suit Ronaldo’s enigmatic style, he has definitely found it in the Vapor range! With bold custom colorways and tremendous advertising campaigns, Nike and Ronaldo have created a bond that has driven both brands to a new level of popularity. Even the latest installment, the MVIX, seems like a boot designed specifically for Ronaldo – a boot intended to deliver performance innovation and explosive speed.

No. 1 - Lionel Messi x Adidas F50 adiZero

Having won the past 4 Ballon d’Or awards, Lionel Messi has helped develop the name of the Adidas F50 adiZero range and it is currently one of the most sought after boots as a result. Not only does the little Argentinian get his own logo placed on the side of his boots, but he has also been given several exclusive limited edition boots and colorways to showcase. Seen to be a lightweight speed boot, the leather adiZero suits exactly what Messi requires while gliding around the field and leaving every player in his wake. With 91 goals last year, I would say the F50 adiZero is a solid option for anyone who wants a “scoring” boot.

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