Last week, Jordan Brand unveiled the lightest Melo sig sneaker yet, the M9. The model builds off of Melo's previous signature styles for an updated feel and look. But did you know that the sneaker was actually inspired by Melo's love of high-end watches? The major influence here is Torbillion, an addition to high-end watches which acts as a battery and negates the effects of gravity on the timepiece over time. In short, it helps to make watches more accurate, and looks really cool at the same time.

Much like the face of a watch, the layers on the upper of the M9 function independently, but combine for a an incredibly strong unit. The three layers on the sneaker itself are the inner booty, interweaving Dynamic Flywire, and the heel lockdown which prevents slipping. Also, the Jumpman on the heel of the sneaker signifies the tick marks representing 3, 6, 9, and 12 on a watch.

You can pick up the Melo M9 today for $140 from Nike.

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Jordan Brand Introduces Lightest Melo Yet with the M9