Lyrics: "A pair of bright phat yellow Air Max/Hit the racks stack 'em up/Son $20 off no tax"
Artist: Ghostface Killah
Track Title: "Apollo Kids"

Woah, stop the record. You're saying someone is selling those yellow Air Maxes $20 off? With no tax? Even Ghostface knows a good deal when he sees one. In "Apollo Kids," Tony Starks had just high-fived Kojak, got domed off in a drive-thru, and forced foes to crawl up into their granny's bed out of fear (you know, typical Ghostface stuff). The fact Air Maxes are still pretty high up on the priority list is a testament to how great the sneakers are.

Which makes what happens later in the verse all the more tragic: "Heavy rain fucked my kicks up/Wasn't looking splashed in the puddle/Bitch laughing, first thought was beat the bitch up." Even Ghost Dieni goes through the same sneaker struggles we face.