Under Armour is growing force in basketball. With a roster that includes Grevis Vasquez, DeAndre Jordan, Kemba Walker and Brandon Jennings, and the company’s huge presence on the grassroots scene, UA is on the rise with those who play roundball. The new campaign for products like the SPINE and the Charge BB should keep the momentum going for the brand, but the Torch remains one of the best shoes they’re dropped to ball in. Here’s a look at the 10 best performances in the Under Armour Torch.

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No.10 - Raymond Felton

Stats: 27 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists
Game: 12/8/2012 L @ Chicago

The Knicks live and die by the three each game. Sure, guards like J.R. Smith and Raymond Felton attack the paint, but that’s mainly a decoy to get the defense to collapse so they can kick to Kidd or Novak. But on nights when nothing’s dropping, Felton has to force the issue and hit the lane. His incredible statline of 27-5-5 was surely helped by wearing the UA Torch, with the midfoot shank allowing him to deke defenders off balance when attacking. But nothing could keep the Knicks from falling to the Bulls defense that night.

No. 9 - Kemba Walker

Stats: 13 Points, 11 Assists, 5 Rebounds
Game: 4/22/2012 L vs. Sacramento

Kemba Walker entered the league with high hopes, but an understanding that every rookie year is a learning process. Sometimes you’ve got to be thrown into the fire to learn how to play in the NBA. Unfortunately for Kemba, the Bobcats became like Marshmellow’s on that fire and even teams like the Kings came to Charlotte to makes smores. Walker did drop his last double-double as a rookie, but it was a tough road to travel. Especially fresh off a NCAA Championship run.

No. 8 - Raymond Felton

Stats: 18 Points, 11 Assists
Game: 11/21/2012 L @ Dallas
Despite the loss to Dallas on the road, the Knicks begain to make people believe that two point guards in one starting five could work. Either Raymond Felton or Jason Kidd could iniatiate a fastbreak and individually they played each other’s perfect counterpart (Felton being faster and able to drive, while Kidd has become a spot-up shooter). Scoring in the paint is no problem for Felton when he rocks the Torch’s because the comfortable cushinon of the Micro G that allows him to take risks in the air and not worry about his landing. However, Felton had the dual role of playmaker and scorer locked in.

No. 7 - Raymond Felton

Stats: 25 Points, 7 Assists
Game: 11/15/2012 W @ San Antonio

The Knickstape movement was solidified after this come-from-behind win against the San Antonio Spurs. Trailing by as many as 12 points in the fourth quarter, it looked like the fourth quarter slump was something that would follow the NYK into this season. But the new look Knicks proved to be legit by staging a fourth quarter comeback and beating the Spurs. Felton scored six of his 25 points in the lane when his team needed it most, with the help of the durable synthetic upper on the UA Torch. 

No. 6 - Kemba Walker

Stats: 32 Points, 7 Assists
Game: 12/15/2012 L vs. Orlando

As a second year guard, the myths about what Kemba can and can’t do are starting to dwindle. Questions like can does he make teammates better? Is he a playmaker? Can he score against NBA sized defenders? The answer, collectively, is yes. Facing another guard who excelled collegiately only to be mirrored with similar doubts when he turned pro in Jameer Nelson, Walker showed up to score a career-high 32 points and dished seven assists. The Bobcats suffered another L, but Kemba, wearing his lightweight (12.1 oz) Torch PE’s, held the vet to only 16 points. That had to be a bright spot, right? 

No. 5 - Raymond Felton

Stats: 27 Points, 7 Assists
Game: 12/6/2012 W @ Miami

Even though this the innaugural season for the Brooklyn Nets, the Knicks have staken claim to the city and the Eastern Conference. In case the record wasn’t indicator enough, just check for games like this where a player not named Anthony, Stoudemire or Smith dominates against a top team to get a win for NYK. Felton’s a big bodied guard who relies on shiftiness and deception. The multidirectional traction patterns helped him keep control while getting buckets on Heat defenders.

No. 4 - Brandon Jennings

Stats: 31 Points, 5 Assists
Game: 1/2/2013 L vs. San Antonio

Brandon Jennings is the face of Under Armour basketball. He helped make them relevant in hoops by having the guts to go with a brand that was new. It takes those same set of cajones to play in any shoe the brand makes to prove that UA makes reliable products. Jennings is known for keeping control while moving at his maximum speed. Even out of his signature shoe, the synthetic upper held up and held his footing down while he broke down Spurs defenders for 31 points.

No. 3 - Kemba Walker

Stats: 30 points
Game: 11/2/2012 W vs. Indiana

So the MJ-Cats had a rough 2011-12 season. Doesn’t mean they couldn't get off to a good start this year and who better than Kemba, equipped in the Torch’s, to lead Charlotte to a W? Beating the Indiana Pacers and setting his (then) career high with 30 points was a great start to the season. Unfortunately, the young Cats would hit a three game skid soon after. They’re still building.

No. 2 - Brandon Jennings

Stats: 26 Points, 7 Assists, 6 Rebounds, 5 Steals
Game: 12/9/2012 W @Brooklyn

Jennings loves coming to New York City. Usually his outbursts are reserved for places like West 4th street or Dyckman, but he’s pretty good at his day job, too. Against the Brooklyn Nets, Jennings filled the statsheet with 26-7-6-5 to add to his list of memorable performances in the Big Apple. Stepping out of his signature shoe in such a visible game, demonstrating how well the soles work on the hardwood is a good look for UA. We’ll have to check and see what he’s rocking next time he plays summer ball in NYC.

No.1 - Kemba Walker

Stats: 22 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, Game winner
Game: 11/14/2012 W @ Minnesota

Kemba Walker is electrifying. He took the country by storm in college at UConn and is a cornerstone player for what the Bobcats are building. His quickness can match (or surpass) that of anyone in the league and Timberwolves guard Alexey Shved learned first hand not play Killa Kemba too close. Armed with his Torch’s, Kemba was in great position to use his speed, shift his weight and utilize the Micro G cushioning to keep his footing while making the defender loose his.

Guess no one ever told Shved that history repeats itself.

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