Have you ever been in so much pain post-game that you wish you had an ice cold steel cylinder to roll up and down on? Maybe not, but if you've ever wished for a hard core approach to recovery, Trigger Point may be the brand for you. Recovery is one of today's most talked-about aspects of fitness with nearly every brand offering some sort of recovery equipment, often in the form of compression wear.

The Cold Roller is designed to be an incredibly effective product with the ability to target any sore areas of the body. Sounds enjoyably painful, huh? No batteries or power source are required for the Cold Roller. Just pop it in the freezer for around 2 hours, wipe off any excess frost, and you're good to go. One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional recovery gear, such as compression socks, is that they break down over time and become less effective. Sweat, bacteria, and dirt can gather pretty quickly, meaning compression socks and similar gear often need to be replaced. Not the case with the Cold Roller, a stainless steel product that will hold up for quite awhile if it's properly maintained.

Let us know if you've found relief in the Cold Roller or if you plan to stick with a more traditional method.


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