Last week, Sneaker Report presented a profile on upstart brand Ekito and their mission to change the footwear game. Their basketball sneakers put a major emphasis on support, and the latest model from the brand is the upcoming Breakaway.

The Breakaway improves on previous Ekito models, offering enhanced comfort and performance. Just ask former NY Knicks standout and current Ekito Team member John Starks: "We’ve taken our product to a whole new level. We’re always striving to improve the product, and we’ve certainly done that with the Breakaway." Hall of Famer Rick Barry adds, "I find it difficult to understand why any basketball player would not wear the Ektio shoe."

But what did Jay-Z once tell us about numbers not lying? Ekito recently conducted a study which found that 42% of players felt that their outside shooting efficiency was improved by Ekito models in contrast to their previous sneakers.

You can pick up The Breakaway for yourself on January 22 for $130 from Ekito, Eastbay, and Amazon.

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