Remember those sweet-looking Stars and Stripes Babolat tennis sneakers Andy Roddick wore during the London Olympics? Well Roddick may be gone from the game, but his favorite sneakers, the Babolat Propulse 3s, are back for their fourth installment.

As the 2013 tennis season draws near, Babolat has already begun preparations, first with the release of the new Aeropro Drive racket (which we’ll have more info in shortly), and now the Propulse 4 sneakers. The new and improved Propulse 4 is an all-court tennis shoe that features a Michelin (yes, the same Michelin that makes your car tires) OCS2 high-abrasion outsole for optimal grip on any surface. To further improve overall movement on the court, Babolat has added its Side 2 Side technology, which gives the shoe better balance and lateral movement.

With a release date set for February 2013, the men’s version will be available in be available in two initial colorways: yellow/black and white/blue. Stay tuned, a SR review of the Propulse 4 is on its way.


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