Sneakers: Reebok Classics

Reebok Back. Hate all you want, but Reebok has stepped its game up since the brand brought on Swizz Beatz to make things happen. Remember those leaked samples of Kamikazes you saw? Guess who didn't let that happen and is bringing back the real-deal retro version in 2013? Swizz. There really hasn't been this level of passion at Reebok since the days AI first crossed up MJ and Swizz going hard at the Swoosh on his Instagram on the regular, makes new cats take notice and old 'heads feel like it's the early '90s again. Now let's see Swizz remix that Pump Up and Air out campaign. We even talked to Matt at SOS and verified, Reebok's basketball fashion category is up 90 percent. Numbers don't lie.