Doesn't working out at home sound ideal in these cold winter months? Joining a gym this time of year is murder (unless you belong to

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No. 10 - Opt for the Program 

Select the month-long optionsfor the best results. At first, you might be motivated to get the most of the program by testing every drill pack on day 1, but this approach is more likely to burn you out fast. The 4-week program starts off with one 10 - 15 minute drills and two drill challenges with takes about 20 minutes to start and builds every week with more drills and challenges. This is a good approach to any training program, starting off with a realistic goal and sticking with it for a set period of time. It's much easier to wake up every morning and spend 20 - 40 minutes in front of your iPhone than doing 5 drill packs the first time you switch the app on and never touching it again.

Take Away: Go for the Advanced Program if you're looking to work up a sweat. 

No. 9 - Don’t Think, Just Do

As with most physical activities, it’s best to not play mental games pre-sweat and just start moving. That’s the main objective behind the Nike+ program, to get a larger audience moving, and it works. The great thing about Nike+ (especially in these winter months) is it doesn't take much preparation to workout. No gym locker required or annoying outerwear decisions to make, just slip on the socks and shoes and you're ready to go. The rest of your getup is just for your physical comfort, but if you live with others may we suggest these?

Take Away: Fire up that app and strap on your TR's, it's go time.

No. 8 - Turn Up the Tunes

Though the canned “You’re almost there!” and “Keep this up!” are sometimes appropriately timed in a moment of weakness, it’s best to turn up that internet radio before firing up the Nike+ Training app. These are our suggestions. Once you've done two drills you should know what to do without the verbal explanations, just be sure to count those reps so you don't get lost in mountain climbers and push ups.

Take Away: Learn to count and pick a good station.

No. 7 - Follow the Instructions

This seems like an obvious tip, but after you've taken the Nike+ for its maiden voyage, you should understand the program without listening to the digital trainer spell it out for you. This is mostly correct, but every once and while, especially if you are doing the program, it's good to turn up the volume on the trainer for tips and technical instructions. Sometimes these little details make a difference in your performance that effects how the Nike+ sensors are measuring your movements. For instance, with every pushup or squat, the trainers instructs users to lift heels for a little leg workout and more so that the sensors can count your reps for upper body and core workouts.

Take Away: It's all in the details.

No. 6 - Keep Calm and Carry On 

Sometimes the device does not count every reps, but why do we need credit for every rep? Are we that hungry for congratulatory points? Most of the time the rep isn't counted because the technique is off, for instance, the jump wasn't high enough or you're moving laterally when you should be making medial moves. Use the lack of climbing digits to correct your method and keep calm. In some instances, you just can't win, but remember as long as you are pushing for the best, the numbers on your iPhone shouldn't matter that much. Hope Solo doesn't cry if all of her lunges aren't counted, so why are you?

Take Away: Don't get caught up in the details, just enjoy the ride.

No. 5 - Keep It Moving

Between each set, the Nike instructor appears to guide you through the next activity. Once you've done one or two drills, you should know what to do after they demonstrate their first rep so find an activity to repeat during each demo to keep your momentum going and make it a more effective workout. So don’t stand there like a sad sap, get moving! Run in place or start doing the next drill the second you get it. If you're brave go for two burpees with each transition.

Take Away: Keep your heart rate up and feet moving.

No. 4 -  Some Drills are Tougher Than Others, Embrace It

Some of these drills, like Plank to Push Up, are more challenging than others (Skip Twist). Push yourself to kill it on these to get an optimal experience.

Take Away: Sigh of relief on the Sumo Squat, because Planks are coming next.

No. 3 - Engage a Community on Nike+

Nike created a versatile community designed to push you to new goals. Opt to just befriend two friends or 200 because if you want to keep your activity private, you are free to do so. Keep in mind that most people perform better under pressure. Befriend your brother with whom sibling rivalry runs deep or your buddy from work, chances are they will push you harder than you would with the audience. Logging on to enables you to sync with all of your other Nike+ devices too, so download the Nike+ Running app to track your runs in the LunarTR 1+ for an extra push.

Take Away: Know when you need the extra push and when you're overdoing it on the Fuelpoint brags.

No. 2 - Use Nike+ as a Point of Inspiration

Use this to inspire you onto bigger and better things. That's what training is all about after all, right? With LeBron James, Allyson Felix, and Rafa Nadal as motivators, this program is here to help you run faster, jump higher and last longer, so combine the program with your other workouts to pack a more effective punch.

Take Away: Let training be your first step.

No. 1 - Stick with It

Stick with the program the whole way through. Push to beat your high score and every minute with Nike+ will be worth your time. If you aren’t dedicated to doing daily drills, sets, and reps, then all you have is a fancy pair of Nike LunarTR 1+ and another app to update, and who wants that?

Take Away: Stay dedicated and you'll get the full effect. It's fun and challenging and it's a great excuse to workout in your underwear.

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