As athletes look to 2013, compression shirts have become a winter staple, made to reduce muscle vibration and improve circulation. English? Muscles don't get fatigued as easily and workouts continue fluidly and breakdown is delayed. Although major compression manufacturers won't imply it directly because scientifically it's not proven, many athletes state that compression aligns balance and posture of the body. Science or no, these wetsuit-looking tees definitely make you more conscious of your posture than ever before. Lastly, compression accentuates muscles and has a knack for making body fat seemingly invisible to the eye (thus the SuperMan points). Click through to kick off your holiday shopping, whether it's for yourself or your most athletic relative is up to you.

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No. 10 - Koar Compression Perform Fitted Top

A relatively new brand on the market, Koar Compression claims to provide more circulation to the blood, providing your muscles the necessary regulation of blood to keep your workout maximized. Tight, looking good and available in basic colors, this compression top is a well valued top.


No. 9 - Nike Pro Combat Top

Reliable, popular, comfortable. Nike Pro Combat is wildly popular amongst athletes at the amateur leading all the way to the professional level. This year the Pro Combat underwent a bit of a modification, this year there is ventilation strips on each side of the obliques. Besides the design, the cut of the shirt is now different compared to last year, where if one normally wears a size small and purchases a small in this years' Pro Combat top, the small will fit much closer to the body. There are many colors available and look great when stacked up next to others donning it.


No. 8 - Saucony Amp Pro2 Compression Top

From up close this might appear to be a regular compression top, but athletes trust in the longevity of the Amp pro2. Popular amongst Track and Field athletes, high impact activities are not to be done without the right gear and this flexible piece withstands quick and sudden movements that come with the territory.


No. 7 - adidas Techfit Recovery Top

Well crafted, highly recommended for entry level recovery. Cool design and a sleek appearance that jumps out lands this high on our list. For those used to compression shirts that are designed with a consistent pattern throughout will take some more time to get used to how this techfit shirt operates. Parts of it are of polyester spandex while other parts of it (back and torso, even arms) are wired with mesh which feels somewhat strange at first but this draining system can grow with the athlete.


No. 6 - Under Armour Warp Speed Compression Top

Exclusively utilized by football players at the NFL Combine, this top pulls out all the stops on appearance with a design a la Spiderman on the shoulders that imitate the web slingers' costume. Besides the sleek design, the fit truly takes on a compressive nature-wrapping your body from neck to torso and keeping everything in between tight. This top was not only featured at the Combine, but many participants in national Tough Mudders trusted in this top. It only makes sense, if the shirt feels less like a one and more like a critical apparatus to an athletes' ability to perform in the toughest of climates. Superhuman stuff.


No. 5 - Under Armour Compression Heatgear Comp Sleeveless

Something of an answer to Nike Pro Combat, this sleeveless top is a wonderful entry level compression top with many colors, feels tight yet is slightly loose as it gives people that aren't used to compression a little leeway. Used more liberally in gyms, this is the intro to compression for newcomers to the workout scene. Manufacturers all know people are subjective consumers and have their own preferences to where they want their compression to squeeze, this product is "feel good" from neck to torso to wallet at a well valued $25.


No. 4 - CWX Ventilator Compression Top

A Japanese brand known for top notch compression on specific areas of the body, this Ventilator top has more than enough mesh on the obliques to keep the body cool to prevent overheating. If long sleeves are a MUST in a warm weather setting, this top easily diffuses the sticky situation. Besides the heat regulating properties, the specified compression is aimed at the back so blood flow circulates in and out at that area and the rest of the top is at a lower level of compression to ensure a good level of flexibility.


No. 3 - 2XU Elite Compression Top

"Human. Performance. Multiplied" Such is the 2XU motto and when aching muscles from the torso up to the neck need a high level of circulation to perform at their peak, people trust products from this Australian brand. Need any more reason to trust 2XU? A certain NBA superstar signed with a well known brand privately wears this line of compression in between games. Hint? He plays for the Miami Heat and draws up comparisons to Air Jordan.


No. 2 - Zoot Ultra Thermal CompressRX Compression Top

Graduated compression, or a variance of tightness throughout the product (for example tight around the wrists to prevent them from rolling up and slightly more loose by the chest so breathing operations will not cease) is the key feature of this piece. It looks outstanding, will keep you warm (up to 11 degrees higher according to their literature) so if any superheroes out in the far, cold reaches need to march a parade in something toasty and tight, this is a heavy recommendation.


No. 1- Under Armour Recharge Energy Compression

Mistaken as a youth top, this shirt looks like something created in a laboratory meant to get zapped so it can fit in a wallet. Under Armour, well known for their compression shirts swung for the fences with this recovery top as it will take a few minutes to even plant this on a body. Leaving no imagination behind, this top will have superheroes looking the part of a stunt double. Best of all? Whatever activity, whether superhero or athlete does, this top minimizes swelling of muscles and amplifies your recovery.


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