Year: 1999

This shoe pretty much represents Europe. Just as you could create a top 25 Air Max 95 Euro exclusives between 1998 and 2003, you could easily create a listing for the Air Max Plus too. In the UK both models were also given the nickname "110" for their hefty price tags in pounds and the Tuned Air abbreviation also earned the Air Max Plus the nickname "TN" in Europe. To say this model hit hard in Europe would be an understatement and it made it big there before it made a splash in the States. It's always been a Foot Locker exclusive in Europe and London got the Black/Silver edition at least 18 months before America. Since then there's been a ton of Euro colorways via Nike's Amsterdam HQ. Corny Brits have written the Plus off for being a "chav" shoe, but they're underestimating the fact that this silhouette is a versatile masterpiece.