No matter what type of shooting guard is on the team – a spot up shooter, a slasher or an all-around scorer—there’s usually one word to physically describe these players: streamline.

The same can be said about two-guard's best choice for sneakers on the court. A position reserved for the team’s most identifiable duty, shooting guards need a shoe that stands out and matches their cool demeanor when the pressure is on. These sneakers are based on a sleek framework, with comfortable insoles and a dependable, durable upper for quick cuts and fast plays. If you are this man on the court, make sure you are properly equipped with The 5 Best Sneakers for Shooting Guards Today.


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No. 5 - Under Armour Jet

Key Technical Feature: Compression Foam Midsole
Weight: 11 oz.

The unsung shoe on this list, the UA Jet is more function than fanfare. It has a simple design (mesh upper, foam cushioned mid-sole and multi-ridged traction), but its been heavily battle tested. As a newcomer on the basketball scene, Under Armour is huge at a grassroots level with the Jet in the shoe rotation for most of their best teams and two-guards. It's hard to argue against the success of a shoe when the most successful high schoolers have put through the gauntlet.


No. 4 - Nike Hyperfuse 2012

Key Technical Feature: Dynamic Stretch Mesh, Nike Zoom
Weight: 11 oz.

Of every shoe that made this list, the Hyperfuse is the most teched-out. It's comprised of (actual) “fused” layers that provide strength and breathability that maintain a lightweight feel. The major selling point on this shoe is how swift your movements can be while rocking them, compared to most of the other “light” products. The only drawback is the rigid structure, but the Hyperfuse is equipped if your primary need is speed.


No. 3 - adidas Crazy 8

Key Technical Feature: Torsion System Midsole
Weight: 15.3 oz.

What justifies any creation with the label of “classic” is how it stands up to the test of time. Released in ’97, the Crazy 8s are still one of the best on-court kicks that cater to shooting guards. The most notable element of the shoe is the sole traction, which performs well on both indoor or outdoor surfaces.  Despite lacking in the “light-weight, strong frame” molds that currently shape the basketball shoe game, the Crazy 8s stand up to today's models with comfortable cushioning and that eye-catching look. Need further proof that the kicks can still go? Some of the best adidas schools like Kansas, Louisville and UCLA outfit their players (between the ages of 4-8 when the shoes originally dropped) in the crazy 8s.


No. 2 - Nike Zoom Kobe VII 

Key Technical Feature: Attack Quick/Attack Strong inserts, herringbone outsole, Nike Zoom Air
Weight: 13.5 oz.

Expanding on the success of its predecessor, the Kobe VII took an even bigger step in the function direction by giving buyers options on owning opponents with “the Kobe System.” For two-guards who are better driving and getting to the basket with their quick footwork, the ‘Attack Quick’ insert is surely the one to play in. It’s tighter and a bit more responsive, allowing for those quick-hitter movements needed to two-step through anything thrown in your way. For the zone-busting, knock down shooter types, the ‘Attack Strong’ insert provides great cushion for coming off curls, hitting marks on the court and coming down from elevation on the jumper. If you’re a player who has perfected both skills, then you’re probably Kobe Bryant and can just take your pick as to how you’d like to give the defense 40.



No. 1 - Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Key Technical Feature: Polyurethane scaled upper, Nike Zoom Air
Weight: 10.6 oz.

As aesthetically appealing as the Kobe VI is, its “cool factor” design didn't get in the way of function. Any two-guard should feel confident in kicks that look the part of Kobe Bryant’s alter ego (The Black Mamba), but it's the polyurethane upper that mimics, flexes and torques like a serpent that maximizes movement and keeps the foot in place. The Kobe VI also introduced the dual layer memory foam sockliner, built to give a custom fit to the wearer while he gives fits to the opposing defense.


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