In Barack Obama, the re-elected 44th President of the United States, we thought we'd finally found one of our own. And by we, we mean sneakerheads. Here at last was a young President — one who was born in the '60s, lived in Jordan-era Chicago and by all accounts was as much of a gym rat baller as Jordan himself. Here at last was a President who would prop up his crisp Jordans on the big desk in the Oval Office and stack PEs in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Not so fast.

For whilst President Obama has indeed shown off the best Presidential hoop game since William Howard Taft's devastating drop step, his sneaker game (and the rest of his wardrobe, for that matter) hasn't quite lived up to our expectations. From odd ASICS runners to department store Nikes, Obama has taken to the court in a bizarre array of thrashed kicks that in some cases must date back to his days as a community organizer. In his second term, we hope for change. Or at least a trip to Major.