There’s a reason why Philadelphia is known as the “City of Brotherly Love.” Despite the heated sports rivalries-Yankees/Phillies, Giants/Eagles, Knicks/Sixers-that exist between Philly and New York City, in time of need, we unite as one.

Yesterday, Philly Mayor Michael A. Nutter showed why his city is always ready to lend a helping hand by announcing that the sold-out 19th annual Philadelphia Marathon will add an additional 3,000 slots to runners who were registered for the cancelled 2012 New York City Marathon.

“In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the many challenges created by it, we are honored to welcome New York City marathon participants to Philadelphia,” said Mayor Michael Nutter. “We understand that marathoners have invested a great deal of time, training and dedication to prepare, and so we’ve decided that adding up to 3,000 competitors is something we can do to support the running community.”

Starting earlier this morning, and through tomorrow, November 8th, runners can enter a lottery for a chance to secure a slot in the November 18th race—but once again, only those who were registered for the NYC Marathon can enter.

As if that kind gesture from the City of Philadelphia wasn’t enough, half of the $200 registration fee will be donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund for the American Red Cross.

Registered NYC Marathon runners can enter the Philadelphia Marathon lottery here.

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