If you don't know who Tim Tebow is ... heck, who are we kidding, love him or hate him, you know who Tim Tebow is. Much has been made of the World's Most Famous Back-up (Sorry Dan Orlovsky) from his 

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The Look: Playcaller, check. Tight Jets tee, check. Jesus, check. Tim covered all three bases with this cool down sesh.

The Game: We get it, you have to cool down after a Wildcat workout. Cool, collected, arms at his side, Tebow is in a thinking man's pose here. What is he thinking: "How many weeks until Mark is holding the clipboard?"

Workout Cop Says: Unlike being an NFL quarterback, cooling down after a hard workout is tough to screw up.

Main Fail: Whatever he was doing prior to cooling down if it involved playing football.

Saving Grace: The steely look towards the heaven, seeing visions of his future as a used car salesman.

Grade: B

The Look: Soft focus build interest, well played Tebow.

The Game: Trying to out-beefcake Sanchez, even in soft focus.

Workout Cop Says: Unlike in actual Jets games, it looks like Tebow is about to "throw the football". Seems counterproductive, considering how little he has done that this year.

Main Fail: How did Tebow let his fellow GQ cover boy get the focus in this shot? You got to slip the photog a couple bills to make sure you are center stage, Timmy.

Saving Grace: While Tebow is practicing throwing, something he can't do, Sanchez is practicing rushing, something he can't do. So, how about we call this a tie?

Grade: D

The Look: Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2.0 Fitted for the New York Jets.

The Game: A little goofing with the pigskin after a long day of back-up practice.

Workout Cop Says: Yes, this is a strange way to hold the football, but Tebow is known for his unorthodox throwing style. And hey, what he is doing now really isn't working, so he might as well keep trying new things.

Main Fail: Spinning a football on your hand is much harder than spinning a basketball, Tim. You may not believe in evolution, but you do believe in physics, right?

Saving Grace: This is a good use of Tebow's time. If there is ever an NFL version of the Harlem Globetrotters, that might be the only way he can stay in football after a couple more seasons of 45% completion percentage.

Grade: A