They say, "the shoes make the man." This might be true, but the socks keep the man from complaining that his feet are cold. This winter, treat yourself to some weather equipped knits to keep those toes warm and dry.

Most jocks think "socks are socks" and go about their active lives sweating into shapeless cotton bags. Not only is this unnecessary and uncomfortable, it can lead to a laundry list of disgusting injuries.

So, spend a few extra bucks on some quality socks, as they are far cheaper than a hospital bill. If you are new to the performance sock game, which we assume most of you sans foot fetish might be, check out these high-end foot blankets from

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The Moab 2 Pack

Intended Use: Built for snow.

Feels Like: Slipping into these babies is like wrapping up in your favorite quilt. The fitted arch support makes sure everything stays in place, kind of like your grandmother's girdle. The classic oatmeal color, a staple paired with winter boots, is enough to make Wilford Brimley smile.

Find It: Get 2 for $28.00 at Merrell.

The Gumjuwac

Intended Use: Hiking

Feels Like: This sock is a little bit harder to slide on, which is strange since they boast "NANOglide" technology, which sounds to us like it should be super easy to slide these bad boys over your tootsies. Don't worry though, these Gumjuwacs have a three year guarantee. If you are the kind of person who has the cojones to try to return socks after wearing them for two years, then that's a plus.

We called Merrell and they told us losing one in the dryer was not grounds for replacement.

Find It: Merrell for $20.00

Lithe Glove

Intended Use: Running

Feels Like: The Lithe Gloves provide a mixture of support and lightness that is hard to find in the sports sock game. Thankfully they are available in red, white, and blue color schemes, so you and your friends will have the perfect gear for your 4th of July barefoot running get-togethers. Oh, that's just us that has those? That's cool. All the more patriotic socks for us. U-S-A !!!

Find It: Merrell for $15.00

Chameleon Stretch Sock

Intended Use: Multi-Sport

Feels Like: These sturdy hiking socks strive to remove the friction between the hiking boot and your foot, a notoriously testy relationship similar to that between your Mom and "Uncle" Rick. We really dig the orange designs on the sides of these socks. They say, "Hey girl, sure I love a friction-free foot, but I also like to walk on the wild side". They are to the hiking sock world what "Uncle" Rick's Camero with flame decals was to the 80s sports car world.

Find It: At Merrell for $18.00.

Courant Stripe

Intended Use: Heavy Hiking

Feels Like: Though these socks are surprisingly light for a heavy hiking sock, they provide the support you need to conquer any crags that might cross your path. The fashionable stripes remind us of our days playing youth soccer, so bonus points for nostalgia.

Confession time: we actually rolled our pants up during our test drive so that climbers of the opposite sex could peep the fashionable stripes. Hey, we all climb mountain for different reasons, but we all want someone to keep us warm on those long nights at base camp.

Find It: At Merrell for $18.00.

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