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Year Released: 1982

The original Nike Wimbledon didn't really have a lot to do with Wimbledon, other than the fact that John McEnroe wore it at Wimbledon. Pre-1980s, there were-- generally speaking-- five to seven basic upper patterns in the sneaker universe. For example: (i) blucher toe - Nike Blazer, Puma Basket, Adidas Stan Smith, (ii) t-toe - Nike Oregon, PUMA Liga, Adidas Samba, (iii) tab toe - Nike Bruin, Adidas Gazelle, Puma Pele, (iv) box toe - Nike didn't really have one outside of running, Adidas Milano, Puma Dallas (iv) disconnected toe overlay - Nike Killshot, Adidas Top Ten, Puma Trimm-Quick, etc. These basic upper patterns went across most sport categories, along with some outliers for sports whose particular needs resulted in product that may have had to look a little different to accommodate that. The Wimbledon was Nike's basic tennis blucher toe. It changed slightly over the years. The iconic version to me was white with an electric blue swoosh. John McEnroe was wearing this during pretty much any 1970's temper tantrum, but at one point Nike had just about all of their tennis pros wearing this one model. One of the older Wimbledons has been reissued a few times recently, slightly reinterpreted, as the Tennis Classic. Later versions were completely different and incorporated the McEnroe checkerboard, signature Wimbledon purple-green and sometimes incorporated the Wimbledon logo.