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Year Released: 1994

If you're Nike, what do you do with Jim Courier? If Barkley is Force and Pippen is Flight, then Agassi is Tech Challenge and Courier is. . . Air Normal? Wait no, Air Dependable? That's not going to get 'em buying these. Let's think about this. He's dependable, because he's so. . . . durable. Yeah that's the ticket. The Nike Air Resistance focused on durability, which probably made sense for a guy like Jim Courier. These shoes got picked up at street level on the strength of the fact that they were completely unbreakable. Possibly the most indestructible sneaker ever created, the Air Resistance had a giant hunk of a sole unit made up of composite "regrind" rubber made from recycling soles of other sneakers. Basically, the Air Resistance chewed up other wimpier shoes and ate them. The most striking feature of the Air Resistance, however, was the huge proprietary Dupont Kevlar overlay on the toe. Version II of the Air Resistance was branded NDESTRUKT and came with a six month blowout guarantee. Now that's old school.