Year Released: 1985

The only reason this shoe isn't number one to me is because number one might be the illest sneaker of all time in any sport category, from just about every perspective. The Mac Attack launched at a time when John McEnroe was a maniac. If you look at the lineage of "rebel" ballers—the Agassi stuff that followed, any "I'm not a role model" conversation around Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman's weirdo-ness, AI, any of them really—the first one that matter to me was Johnny Mac. This man was a prodigy (and a brat, and a whiner and an asshole) and he knew it and didn't give a fuck. This is what swag looked like in 1985. Nike's leveraged McEnroe's attitude with things like the "Rebel with a Cause Poster" which pictured Mac walking in the rain in a black trench, looking like he was about to kill (or just killed) the president. Hard. The Mac Attack came in one color. No pandering to the consumer. Grey and black, Mac checkerboard tongue. Very Gotham. Very clean. This is the colorway we are going with, and you will buy it. Say, word. The Mac Attack has never been reissued, unless you count the Nike Manor, which you should not. It is a very loose lifestyle interpretation. There was a version of the Mac Attack with a grass court bottom. I have never seen that shoe in person. You would have to ask Ray the Sneakerpimp about that (if you can find him).

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