Year Released: 1986

Lotto is a Northern Italian company that at one time sponsored Boris Becker and Martina Navratilova among others. From their vantage point in Northen Italy, during what was a major growth period for the Company in their technical sport business, I wonder if they even knew that kids were wearing Lottos on the block in the US. I didn't know shit about Lotto. I don't know what this pair was called, and I also don't know what sport is was meant for. Based on the strange asymmetrical toe overlay and gum bottom, it looks more like an indoor shoe than a tennis shoe. Volleyball? Table Tennis? Handball? All I knew for sure was that Lottos had what we called "a removable Lotto." I didn't know the Lotto logo was called the "double diamond," but I did know that kids were running around with shape shifting shoes that could match up with any gear. How fresh is that? That's what you call having a moment in the sun. Blahzay Blahzay had one of those. They usually do not last.