Year Released: 1980s

The Ellesse Tanker is really cheating. It probably wasn't a tennis shoe. It was more of a street shoe. The Tanker had a giant "stepped on" Ellesse logo on the quarter, which was a pretty progressive branding play at the time. It came out around the time a number of other brands were doing the all over thing (Lotto country flags, for example). The most interesting thing about this shoe is that it might have been the first artist co-lab in the history of footwear. Ellesse got down with an Austrian designer named Marc Sadler, who had done a bunch of industrial sport design, including ski boots and moto equipment. The Tanker was part of a collection called "Tank Attack," which included a few other silhouettes as well. Let's see if Russ and staff can even find a picture of these, so I don't need to start digging in my boxes. @DJ Emz, these should be in your closet. You can have my pair (when I die).