Year Released: 1980s

In 1985, Ellesse and Fila were THE lux brands in the sneaker world. You could argue Bally, or Gucci, but they were really luxury brands that decided to bang out some sneakers, whereas Ellesse and Fila were actually performance brands that were just so damn expensive, that they became a luxury. I know that most heads, if they remember any Ellesse shoes, maybe remember the Mo Cheeks joints. For me, Ellesse will always be a tennis shoe. Ellesse had some great athletes-- Boris Becker, Guillermo Vilas-- but mostly just in the apparel. That said, Ellesse sneakers had me open at this time. The key shoe for me was nylon and overlay heavy, and I don't even remember her name. And if I'm being honest, she looked better from behind. The molded Ellesse logo on the back-- a half tennis ball plus a pair of ski trips to symbolize the companies presence in both sports-- combined with a greyish cream molded heel counter that looked very much like the heel of the Air Pressure, was incredibly official to me. I only owned one pair of Ellesse back then. I own a few now. If they still made them like that, I would buy them all day long.