Year Released: 1979

Complex is WORLDWIDE like Akinyele, so some of the shoes on this list may mean more to folks in other regions than they do to me. Or they might mean something different. The Forest Hills is legend in the UK. In the US, it's only for the fiends. There were many versions of the Forest Hills, and frankly, during a time when both Adidas and PUMA routinely named shoes after the location of key athletic events, it was fly that Adidas was checking for Queens. The Forest Hills I know came to be in 1979 and was reissued in 2002, at a time when Adidas didn't really seem to know what to reissue next (which resulted in some really interesting re-issues. . . Vina del Mar. . . huh?). The shoe weighed in at only 8.8 ounces (250 grams for my football brothers), and was re-issued right out the gate in white-metallic gold with a taxi yellow cupsole. That's brave right there. The sole unit color blocking is very similar to the lightweight product you see killing it in 2012. This all happened in an era before light equalled value. Sometimes Adidas is sneaky ahead of its time.