The fitness freak is always conflicted this time of year. You don't want to be that guy who hands out apples and carrot sticks to sweet-starved children, but you also don't want to contribute to creating a generation of Augustus Gloops. We looked into it and found the some candies that will do as little damage as possible to your waistline during this spooky holiday season. Here are the The 10 Healthiest Halloween Candies for your trick-or-treating pleasure.

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No. 10 - Three Muskateers

When a candy bar tastes light and fluffy instead of dense and heavy, that can mean something. A heavy candy like a Snickers will sink to the pit of your stomach in a ball of fat and sugar. The airy miniature version of these literarily inspired treats have less than one gram of fat.


No. 9 - Whoppers

When thinking about healthy chocolate options, think outside the bar. These malted chocolate balls in the tan milk carton are a better option than most of your common chocolate bars. Whoppers are far lower in fat than traditional candy bars and have no cholesterol. 18 whoppers (the suggested serving size) carry only 180 calories.<!--nextpage-->

No. 8 - Kit-Kat

Kit-Kat rounds out a trio of light and airy chocolates that do less damage than their rock solid counterparts. If you are trying to keep on the healthy side,  stay away from any white chocolate versions of these candies. White chocolate candies will be heavy on the cocoa butter and chock full of extra sugars and fats from the excess dairy content.<!--nextpage-->

No. 7 - Werther's Originals

The numbers are where they should be with these Originals, as only 70 calories are contained in three of these candies. There is another benefit from succulent candies like Werther's. It takes time to eat one, so you can't consume them by the gluttonous mouthful like you can with most chocolate candies.<!--nextpage-->

No. 6 - Tootsie Rolls

Even Tootsie's website touts the health benefits of their products, a rare move for a candy company. It's no surprise, given the Tootsie Roll is gluten-free, low calorie and almost fat free. Now, you'll have less cause to frown when they are all that's left at the bottom of your bag.<!--nextpage-->

No. 5 - York Peppermint Patty

Mint flavored candies just seem to be better for you. These refreshing patties are no exception.  Each serving is low in calories and contains only 2.5 grams of fat. York's patties are also free of trans fat, which is apparently the worst thing ever.


No. 4 - Gushers

You may remember these babies from your middle school lunches. Don't rule out these and other gummy treats if you are trying to add some health to your candy diet. Gushers have one less than one-third the calories and one-third the sugar of other fruit candies like Skittles.


No. 3 - Almond M&Ms

M&Ms aren't exactly health foods, but almonds are thought of in nutrition circles as a miracle nut. Almonds are known to reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes while lowering cholesterol. Though the colored chocolates are by no means a low calorie snack (the candy tips the scales at 220 calories a serving), there are benefits to your body beyond merely calorie counting.<!--nextpage-->

No. 2 - Raisinets

Look, we aren't asking you to be the lame neighbor handing out roughage instead of candy, but if you can sneak some healthy foods in with the chocolate, it can't hurt. Raisins will get you antioxidants and fiber that you'll never cop from chocolate alone. If you have a bit more culinary adventure in you, maybe you can sneak some other chocolate covered fruits into the household diet this Halloween.<!--nextpage-->

No. 1 -  Dark Chocolate

Many of your favorite candies are quietly being released in dark chocolate form. With the rise of gourmet dark chocolate, you can even feel free to get fancy with your chocolate dining needs if that's what you're in to. Really, there is no excuse for avoiding the darker hued cocoa any longer. With a laundry list of health benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased blood flow, improved blood sugar regulation, tons of antioxidants, numerous minerals, and even stronger tooth enamel to fight off cavities caused by less healthy candies, it seems that you can't go wrong with dark chocolate.

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