Getting your own signature sneaker as a skater is when you know you've made it, but there are plenty of amateurs that deserve props. Supra's Pro + Am Collection brings together one pro rider and one amateur from the Supra team in a unique program that allows the amateur, in this case up-and-coming Canadian skater Spencer Hamilton, the shot to create his own take on the Supra Ellington, which is no stranger to fresh colorways“I’ve been on a bunch of trips with him,” Erik said about Spencer, “and I’m blown away every single time I skate with him. He’s one of the coolest, mellowest dudes around and he’s always in control and on point. I’m proud to share a shoe in the PRO + AM Collection with him. He came up with a colorway that kills it.” That colorway features a black upper with fluorescent orange accents, a semi-translucent outsole and a speckled midsole. Clearly, Hamilton's not an amateur when it comes to taste in sneakers.

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