Ronnie Fieg x Sebago Mohican 

Year released: 2012 

Ronnie says: "The Mohican is definitely one of my favorite creations. It's one thing to play with colors and materials, creating new uppers is a completely different story. Convincing a classic brand into letting me alter their most iconic style was a mission in itself. Once I got the approval I went through 20-plus revisions of what the fringe collar would look like. Incorporating a brand's DNA into my own fresh take is something I look to achieve in every project. I want to offer my twist but without ever compromising what the brand stands for and without straying away from the aesthetics they represent since the brand's existence. Many believe that the fringe collar is knockoff of recent brands success such as Visvim, but in reality fringed collar leather shoes like Minnetonka Moccasins have been around since I started working in the industry back in 1995. My mother used to wear their boots when I was a child, and the chestnut suede Minnetonka boot was the inspiration behind the Mohican."