It seems like adidas and Nike are always getting into a tussle. This time around, the battle ground is Real Madrid’s marquee midfielder Mesut Ozil.

After ending his long-standing endorsement deal with Nike, Ozil has been recently seen wearing all-white adidas cleats without the brand’s iconic three stripes on them. But wait, why does that matter? Well because, according to Nike, Ozil’s contract with the brand has a clause in it that allows Nike the option to match any offer he gets from another company.

To the contrary, Ozil has argued that he hasn’t agreed on a contact with adidas, hence the reason why he wore boots without the adidas trademark logo on them.

Unfortunately for Ozil, a court in Amsterdam isn’t quite sold on his story, and thus has banned him from wearing adidas branded cleats for the next 180 days. During this time, Nike will have the right to match all offers presented to Ozil, including from adidas. If Ozil decides to bust out another pair of adidas boots in that time, he will be hit with a roughly $158,000 daily fine.


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