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Five weeks into the 2012 NFL season, and the Cleveland Browns remain as the only team without a mark in the win column.

It didn't take long for the regular refs to clean up the mess left behind by the replacements, allowing solely (for the most part anyway) the action on the field to dictate the outcome of games. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints picked up their first win of the season, while heavyweights like the Green Bay Packers were upset on the road. However, regardless of win or lose, each team in the league deserves some recognition for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness by decking out in pink gear--everything from gloves, and towels, and cleats.

Here's a look at gear worn by some of the top performers from week 5.


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Player: Reggie Wayne (Colts)

Shoe: Reebok Football Cleats

Stats: 13 Rec/ 212 Yds/ 1 TD

Player: Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants)

Shoe: Reebok Zig Football Cleats

Stats: 30 Rushes/ 200 Yds/ 1 TD

Player: Marques Colston (Saints)

Shoe: Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly

Stats: 9 Rec/ 131 Yds/ 3 TDs

Player: Alex Smith (49ers)

Shoe: Nike Vapor Talon Elite Low

Stats: 18-for-24/ 303 Yds/ 3 TDs

Player: Brandon Marshall (Bears)

Shoe: Reebok Football Cleats

Stats: 12 Rec/ 144 Yds/ 1 TD

Player: Stevan Ridley (Patriots)

Shoe: Under Armour Highlight 'Breast Cancer Awareness'

Stats: 28 Rushes/ 151 Yds/ 1 TD

Player: Victor Cruz (Giants)

Shoe: Nike Vapor Talon Elite Low

Stats: 5 Rec/ 50 Yds/ 3 TDs

Player: Tony Gonzalez (Falcons)

Shoe: Nike Vapor Talon Elite 3/4

Stats: 13 Rec/ 123 Yds/ 1 Td

Player: Michael Crabtree (49ers)

Shoe: Jordan Super.Fly

Stats: 6 Rec/ 113 Yds/ 1 TD

Player: Drew Brees (Saints)

Shoe: Nike Vapor Talon Elite Low

Stats: 29-for-45/ 370 Yds/ 4 TDs