Athlete's signatures have been appearing on sneakers for quite some time—even Bob Cousy had his name on canvas shoes way back in the day—but the phenomenon of the actual signature sneaker line is more recent. Back in the day, you got your shoe and you were good. Changes? Yeah, right. People had been wearing Chuck Taylors for decades. Isn't one new design enough?

Things are different now. Signature athletes get a new shoe every year, and the challenge is to keep the line hot as long as you're playing the game—in some cases, well beyond it. So whilst our colleagues at Nice Kicks ranked the best signature shoes of the past 20 years, we chose to rank the athletes behind the lines, and take in their entire history as a whole. Click through to check out The 25 Greatest Signature Sneaker Lines of All Time, and tell us who else you think should have made the cut.

[Note: You needed a minimum of three signature shoes to make the list. Sorry, 'Ye.]