For their Week 3 matchup against Tennessee Tech, the Oregon Ducks returned to a more traditional green look indicative of the program’s deep roots in college football. Of course by traditional we’re referring to the color scheme alone, and not the actual design element of the uniforms.

The Ducks took the field in the same gray pants from the previous week, but switched up the jerseys from yellow to green, complete with brilliant yellow highlights for a visual pop. Staying consistent with the color scheme, the team unveiled its third different helmet in as many games. While the latest green Liquid Thunder helmet is certainly an eye-catcher, the previous two, the Liquid Lightning and the Liquid Carbon, still have a slight edge.

Given our high expectations for the Ducks, the Week 3 getup gets an overall B grade. While the predominantly green look worked fairly week for Oregon, the recycling of the gray pants bring the overall grade down. We expect the Ducks to step it up next week for their conference-opener against Arizona.

Grade: B

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